Why Are 3rd World Countries Being Taken Advantage Of?

3th world country

For a number of years, wealthy countries have been taking advantage of the poorer ones in every way possible. This is also the case with waste, especially with the notorious contaminated plastic and non-recyclable garbage. For most of the European countries, the U.S., and Canada, the cheaper way to deal with it was to export […]

Racial Discrimination Against SZA in Sephora Store Cause for Diversity Training

SZA Signer

On May 1, SZA, a well-known R&B artist, multiple-time Grammy nominee, and even a former worker at Sephora, posted on her Twitter account that she had been mistreated due to the color of her skin. It all occurred in one of the Sephora stores on the outskirts of Los Angeles. A member of staff SZA […]